Page Speed Optimization

Having a beautiful website, even one that appears in search results isn't always enough. Our team will take your site to the next level, ensuring your images, video and other content load quickly, reducing your bounce rate and improving your professional appearance.

We work to consistently achieve scores over 90/100 for all the websites in our portfolio, as well as all of our clients. Accepting projects that involve improving existing websites or creating new ones, feel free to reach out and get a quote.

Lightning Fast

Not only does your page speed impact your search rankings, but it can be one of the biggest factors leading to an elevated bounce rate on your website. Keep reading to find out more about how Gordon Enterprises can help get your page up to speed with the latest techniques, tools & optimizations.


  • Audits
  • Automation
  • Optimization
  • Existing Or New Websites
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Rocket Launch

Build Tools

Using the latest build tools, we will set up your website or app to elegantly automate the entire process from scaffolding to concatenation, minification to prefixing, transpiling and assembling all your files into a build ready folder.


  • Gulp
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • Yeoman
  • Grunt
  • & More

Audit Us

Want to see our services in action for yourself? Before you even contact us for a quote, we invite you to test any of our brands websites at one of the top speed analyzing websites such as Yslow or Google Page speed. We are sure you will be impressed.

Testing On

  • YSlow
  • Google PageSpeed
  • Godaddy
Audit Consultation

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